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Paul's words are not God's words

  Paul has written most of the New Testament. What he has written is very important and we can learn a lot from it. But what Paul has written is not the Word of God.  What Jesus taught and what Paul has said (or written) is not on the same level - not even close. Jesus and His teachings are the Word of God. The teachings of Jesus and Paul are fundamentally different and Paul sometimes contradicts Jesus.  In my previous articles we looked at the lie about the Bible and that not every verse in the Bible are the word of God . We will now be looking at Paul and the books/letters that he wrote in the New Testament.  Paul was not taught by Jesus Paul never met Jesus in person. But wait - didn't Jesus reveal Himself to Paul? Yes, but He also revealed Himself to me and to most other children of God. Most of us can tell a story of how Jesus revealed Himself to us as our saviour - the day we decided to become born again children of God. Maybe your experience was so deep and powerful, it wa

Not every verse in the Bible is the Word Of God

  Jesus did not believe that every verse in the Bible is the Word of God. Obviously, at the time Jesus was teaching His disciples, the New Testament did not yet exist. We can however look at what Jesus thought of the Old Testament scriptures. We are busy with a series where we expose the lie that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant Word of God .  Jesus referred to the Old Testament as 'scripture', sometimes as 'Moses said' and sometimes as the 'commandments of God'.  Only once did he refer to scripture as 'The Word of God' – but lets have a look at how he did it. He was referring to one of the ten commandments – 'Honor your father and your mother'. Even though it was one of the ten commandments, Jesus said 'Moses said' (Mark 7:10), not 'God said'. He then talks about what Moses said, links it to the law of love (the new commandment), and then ends with you are disregarding the 'Word of God' (Mark 7:13). See what He did t

The lie about the Bible

  There is a lie that has been told for over 2000 years. A lie that is so deeply rooted in how we think that most Christians will never accept the truth. The lie is that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible Word of God. It means that people believe every single verse in the Bible is the word (or the words) of God. That every verse can be quoted as 'This is what God says'.  I can list a lot of Bible verses that is a real problem if you believe that - some of those are shocking and others just embarrassing to try and justify as something God would have said. But that is not the reason you should change how you see the Bible.  How we see the Bible makes all the difference The Bible 'contains' the Word of God - if you study it and God's 'Word' is revealed to you through the Holy Spirit. But not every verse in the Bible is the Word of God (I will give you proof of this in the next article). The Word of God is not limited to the Bible. We will be looking at other